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Offering multiple levels of chimney inspections to homes in the Triad and Triangle areas of NC.

If you’re a homeowner in the Triad or Triangle area, the team at Perfect Chimney Cleaning is only a phone call away when you need to have your chimney inspected. Annual chimney inspections are crucial for all homeowners, even though it’s something that’s not regularly thought of. When it comes to chimneys, a lot of homeowners think “out of sight, out of mind”, which is a really dangerous game to play. If there is a hazard in your chimney, you don’t want to find out about it when it’s too late.

Perfect Chimney Cleaning is serving homes in the Triad or Triangle areas of NC. We are one of the leading chimney cleaning companies in North Carolina and we want to ensure your chimney is safe before you start using it this season.

Perfect Chimney Cleaning NC explains the importance of having your chimney inspected

There’s one main reason that you need to have your chimney inspected annually, and that’s safety. The safety of your family’s home depends on it. Even though your chimney may appear to be in good condition from the outside, it’s what’s inside that can cause problems. If you don’t have your chimney inspected, then there’s a sense of worry about your home’s safety every time you light a fire to keep warm.

Keeping your home warm throughout the chilly season shouldn’t be a safety hazard, and it doesn’t have to be when you have your chimney professionally inspected. Having your chimney inspected is one of the top ways to prevent a house fire. Every time you burn a fire in the fireplace, soot and creosotes begin to build up. If there is too much build-up, there is a huge risk of a house fire.

Housefires aren’t the only reason why chimney inspections are important. When Perfect Chimney Cleaning does chimney inspections, we also pay attention to detail so we can spot any damage that may be occurring. If there are any cracks in the chimney flue or masonry, it could become a hazard. An inspection can be helpful for spotting signs of damage before it becomes a problem resulting in a costly repair.

Perfect Chimney Cleaning will also inspect the chimney cap. If your cap is loose or damaged, it could lead to further problems, such as water damage. Without a chimney cap properly installed, all sorts of unwanted things can get into the flute, like rainwater, leaves, debris, and even animals.

Perfect Chimney Cleaning’s 3 levels of inspection

At Perfect Chimney Cleaning, we know that each homeowner in the Triad area treats their chimney differently. This is why we have 3 different levels of inspection. Let’s take a look at what you can expect with each level of inspection.
Level 1 Inspection
A level 1 inspection is a basic inspection to make sure everything is safe and sound. This is the inspection that you should consider if your venting system hasn’t changed since the year before and you’re not planning on making changes to it anytime soon.
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Level 2 Inspection
There are a few different scenarios when a level 2 inspection would be necessary. When changes have been made to the venting system Real estate transactions Venting malfunction When damage has occurred With a level 2 inspection, the technician is able to do an inspection without the use of specialty tools or equipment. The technician will typically be able to do a level 2 inspection of the chimney using a video recording.
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Level 3 Inspection
When tools are required to inspect the chimney, a level 3 is required. This is typically done when there is a hazard hidden that the technician is not able to access. In order to get at the hazard, the technician will need to destruct an area of the chimney. Level 3 is only needed if the technician can’t access the problem with a level 1 or 2 inspections.
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Thorough chimney inspections with Perfect Chimney Cleaning