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Perfect Chimney Cleaning

The #1 chimney sweepers serving the Triad and Triangle areas of NC

Perfect Chimney Cleaning is the leading chimney cleaning service located in North Carolina. Our professional sweepers are steadily keeping chimneys clean in the Triad and Triangle areas in NC. We are accepting appointments for properties in Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. 

Do you own a residential or commercial building in the Triad or Triangle area with a chimney? If you do, when is the last time you arranged to have the chimney professionally swept? Annual chimney sweeps are very important for the safety of your building. Using a fireplace with an unkept chimney could put your building at risk of fire. 

Chimney sweeping is not a task you can add to your weekly chore list. To properly clean a chimney, it takes a special technique and industry-grade equipment. This is one dirty job that we are happy to take off of your hands. When your chimney is due for a cleaning, contact us at Perfect Chimney Cleaning. We want to make sure your chimney is safe and ready for the chilly season. 

Perfect Chimney Cleaning in the Triad area NC

Perfect Chimney Cleaning is based in Greensboro, NC. Co-founders and owners, Yossef Hefetz and Eliran Eldori have many years of experience keeping chimneys safe and clean. They believe every homeowner should know about the importance of maintaining a clean chimney for the health and safety of their home. They have assembled a team of professional chimney sweepers in the Triad area who are dedicated to helping local homeowners make their homes a safer place.

Before getting into the business of professional chimney cleaning, Hefetz and Eldori had a successful property management business. However, during their years in business, they noticed there was a high demand for chimney cleaning services. Anytime they attempted to make an appointment to get a rental property’s chimney cleaned, they were put on a waitlist. When it comes to the safety of a property, there is no time to wait. 

Hefetz and Eldori decided to make the switch to running a chimney cleaning organization because they believe the safety of people’s properties is too important to risk. They had a goal to make professional chimney cleaning services readily available in Greensboro and nearby areas. Perfect Chimney Cleaning was founded to make homes in the Triad area safer.

Why Triad and Triangle homeowners should call Perfect Chimney Cleaning today

You may not be able to see the mess in your chimney, but it is there and it is a hazard. The #1 reason that you need to have your chimney professionally cleaned is for fire prevention. Every time you use your fireplace, soot and creosote start to build up. Creosote comes from burning wood and it’s a thick oily residue, similar to a sticky tar. All that soot and creosote becomes a fire hazard that puts your entire building at risk.

Now, you don’t need to clean your chimney after every use. However, it is important that homeowners in North Carolina have their chimneys professionally cleaned once a year. The team at Perfect Chimney Cleaning is proud to extend its services to the Triad, Triangle and surrounding areas. 

We want to keep chimneys in North Carolina safer. To do so, we’re offering the following services:

  • Full chimney sweeping
  • Chimney inspections
  • Chimney caps
  • Chimney sweep
  • Chimney repairs

Our team wants to make sure homeowners in the Triad area feel safe and comfortable in their homes all year long. We have been steadily servicing the area for over 3 years and take pride in every job we complete. 

Contact Perfect Chimney Cleaning today!