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Chimney Cap Installation

Every chimney needs a cap, but this is one feature that many homeowners ignore. Since it’s not something they see often, it’s common for property owners not to give their chimney cap a second thought. However, the chimney cap is a critical component of your chimney. Without it, your chimney is at risk of damage and other unpleasant things that homeowners don’t want to deal with.

Perfect Chimney Cleaning is more than just a chimney sweeping service. Our team also offers professional chimney cap installations and rain cap installation. Our office is located in Greensboro, but we also service all Triad and Triangle areas. If you own a property in the Triad or Triangle areas of NC, it may be time to think about the health and condition of your chimney’s cap

Why your chimney cap is important
Your Triad or Triangle property needs a reliable chimney cap all year long

A chimney cap is installed on top of the chimney’s flue and basically acts like a shield to prevent things from outside from getting in your chimney.  Most chimney caps are made from either metal, stainless steel, or in some cases, copper. They are designed to be strong enough to protect your chimney throughout whatever forces mother nature sends its way.

It’s not something many people think about but without a chimney cap, your chimney is at high-risk from nature’s elements, especially when a storm hits. Rainwater is one of the biggest problems that can cause damage to a chimney. The moisture can cause a lot of damage to the inside of your chimney, which can result in expensive repairs. 

Water damage isn’t the only risk a chimney cap protects your home from. A lot of debris can fall in there as well. When the wind picks up, leaves, dirt, and other unwanted items can fall into an open chimney flue. These items can begin to clog your chimney, making it a serious fire hazard.

This isn’t the worst of it though. Did you know that an open chimney flue is just an invitation for critters to enter your home? To a lot of wild animals, like squirrels and racoons, a chimney looks like it could be a could home. This can lead to a lot of problems for the homeowners and even put their health at risk. Wild animals can easily bring diseases and other problems into your home. 

Contact Perfect Chimney Cleaning for chimney cap and rain cap installations & repairs

As a homeowner, you don’t want to ignore the state of your chimney cap. The chimney cap on your home is exposed to a lot of nature’s elements, which can lead it to rust and become loose over time. If you’re unsure about the condition of your chimney cap, never hesitate to give us a call at Perfect Chimney Cleaning. We are in business so you can feel safe and comfortable in your home. 

At Perfect Chimney Cleaning, we always tell homeowners that it’s far better to be safe than sorry. Our team is always willing to do an inspection of your chimney to check on the state of the cap and other areas. In the event that your chimney cap needs to be restored or replaced, our professionals are equipped for the job. 

If you’re not sure when the last time you had your chimney cap inspected was, now may be the right time to contact Perfect Chimney Cleaning. After all, some homeowners don’t even notice when the wind or an animal loosens the cap to come all the way off. 

Keep your home safe with a new chimney cap