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Chimney Sweep Durham, NC

Perfect Chimney Cleaning is the top service for a professional chimney sweep in Durham, NC and surrounding areas. Every chimney needs to be inspected and swept annually to keep buildings safe from hazards. With a professional chimney sweep, you won’t have to worry about poor quality air or the risk of a house fire when you use the fireplace. 

At Perfect Chimney Cleaning, we offer a range of services that homeowners in Durham, NC can benefit from. Just because you can’t see anything in your chimney flue doesn’t mean there isn’t anything in there that is putting your family’s safety at risk. Every time you light a fire, soot and creosote begin to form inside the chimney flue. If this gets left inside there for too long, your chimney will get blocked so smoke will not be able to escape properly. This will cause smoke to fill up in your room and could lead to a fire.

There are other hazards that can present themselves in your chimney flue. The only true way to prevent these risks from becoming a big problem in your home is to contact the experts at Perfect Chimney Cleaning for a chimney sweep.

Chimney Sweep Services in Durham, NC

The team at Perfect Chimney Cleaning wants to make sure all homeowners in Durham, NC are safe and ready to stay warm throughout the winter season. We are offering the following chimney sweep services in Durham, NC and surrounding areas.

Chimney Inspections Durham, NC

A chimney inspection is recommended once a year, ideally before you begin using your fireplace or woodstove over the cooler months. With a chimney inspection, one of our experts will look for anything that could be putting your chimney at risk. This way we can attend to any needed repairs and give your chimney a thorough sweep so your home is ready for the cold season.

Chimney Cleaning Durham NC

You may not be able to see it, but the inside of your chimney is not a clean place. Our chimney sweep experts will make sure your chimney flue is clean and ready for winter. This way there will be nothing blocking your chimney or putting your home at risk of a fire. Contact Perfect Chimney today to learn more about chimney cleaning Durham.

Chimney Installations Durham NC

Perfect Chimney Cleaning can also install a new chimney cap or rain cap on your home’s chimney. A cap is an important component to a chimney because it will prevent rain water from causing damage to your chimney, as well as keep other unwanted things away. An open chimney leaves an easy entrance for leaves, debris, and even animals to get inside. These are just some of the reasons why you need a quality chimney cap installed.

Perfect Chimney Cleaning is ready to visit your Durham, NC location

Keep your family home safe this winter season by contacting the team at Perfect Chimney cleaning for a professional chimney sweep. These local experts know what kind of hazards to look for in Durham chimneys. We want to make sure every family in the area can use their fireplaces and woodstoves safely. 

Contact the team at Perfect Chimney Cleaning today to find out when we can visit your Durham, NC home.